AST Mechanical Dust Coal Burning Stokers

Firing Systems

AST Mechanical Dust Coal Burning Stokers - General Features
    • It is an automatic coal burner transforming the boilers burning liquid and gas fuel and providing continues loading facility to the solid fuel boilers and that is semi cylindrical and cylindrical and installed in front of hot water, hot water and the steam boilers or in combustion chamber within the scope of TS EN 12952-1-3, TS 377-1.2-3-4-5-6-7-8-10.11-12- 14, TS EN 12953.1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8- 10-11-12-14 standards.
    • It burns small grain coals and coal dust at high effi ciency.
    • It is manufactured in screwed type.
    • It burns all kind of lignite and dust coal.
    • It started a diet for burning system in a very short time.
    • It provides smokeless and full burning.
    • It is environmentally friendly.
    • It is high effi cient.
    • It operates without problem in heavy operation conditions.
    • It provides saving 30% compared to hand loaded solid fuel.
    • Its manufacturing and design are conducted in all capacities.
    • It burns low quality coal with high performance and it is economic.
    • It can be easily used in present solid fuel boilers.
    • It reduces burning defaults and increases burning effi ciency.
    • It reduces unburned solid fuel amount.
    • It burns coal types in the size of 0,5-30 mm, and the fuels such as nut shell, prina, husk (cotton pulp), wood dust at high effi ciency.

AST Mechanical Dust Coal Burning Stokers - Technical Dimensions