AKT Condense Tanks

Feed Water Preparation and Heat Recovery Systems

AKT Condense Tanks - General Features
    • Ideal boiler feed water temperature should be between 70 and 80°C.
    • Thermal shocks formed by cold condense in the boiler can be prevented.
    • Condense tank prevent being released of the energy to the atmosphere and ensures heat recycling.
    • It is manufactured in two different types as horizontal and vertical.
    • Feed water in the boiler is heated with heater serpentines.
    • Condense tank is isolated with glass wool or stone wool and galvanize, aluminum or stainless sheet over it, heat losses from the system to the external environment can be prevented.
    • Since feed water does not lose its energy in condense tank, energy amount to be released in the boiler can be reduced. So, fuel saving can be ensured.
    • Due to customer demand, it is submitted in a package (with all fixtures).

AKT Condense Tanks - Technical Dimensions