AJT Razer Wıre Barriers

Chimneys and Filter Systems

AJT Razer Wıre Barriers - General Features
    • It is used in military zones and air ports for security
    • It is used in warehouses and around factories for security
    • It is used around school gardens and around factories for security
    • It can be used in all area and road blocking for controlling
    • It is used for permanent peripheral security of plants and buildings
    • It is suitable with harsh land and climate conditions, has long service lifetime and it can be used many times.
    • ALFA wire with razor which has the fi rst place in security and deterrence can be applied in all structures and borders with their exclusive winding type as stand alone or over panel fence systems and all kind of fence systems if desired.
    • ALFA wires with razor are manufactured as straight line, planar or spiral. Our products are hot dip galvanized, wire cored and manufactured from AISI 304 stainless steels strip.
    • Manufacturing is carried out accordingly with TSE 8745 standard.

AJT Razer Wıre Barriers - Technical Dimensions