Our Founder

Our Founder and Eternal Chairman,

Kadir KARABAŞ, He was born in Bostanlı village, Bulancak County, Giresun Province in 1955. He completed his elementary school and secondary school education in Bulancak. He graduated from Ankara State Engineering and Architecture Academy in 1979 as a Mechanical Engineer. He worked as an engineer for about two years in the project and manufacturing companies and then he got a start in business as a “businessman”


02.01.1955 Bulancak - 13.05.2005 Ankara

As a shareholder, he served as a factory director of an aggregate corporation in 1981. He started production in his factory with the brand name Alfa Machinery Heating Boiler Industry in Ostim Industrial District in 1986 and moved his factory to Hasanoğlan in 1996 under the title Alfa Machinery Heating Boiler Industry Corp. and he served as the board chairman during 1996-2005.

He became the founder leader of Hasanoğlan Industrialists and Businessmen Association (HASIAD) and served as HASIAD Chairman during 2003-2005.

He passed away on November 4, 2005. We remember him with respect…