ALPMD Prismatic Modular Tanks


ALPMD Prismatic Modular Tanks - General Features
    • BFPN:105-600 is prismatic modular stainless steel water tank
    • It ensure maintenance easiness by cleaning cover
    • It is proper for operating with hydrophore system
    • PFPN:105-800 is prismatic modular painted steel water tank
    • It provides opportunity to store hygienic potable water
    • It ensures transportation and on site installation easiness by ergonomic modular plate dimensions
    • Modular tank plates are lightweight and robust also they do not require maintenance for a along times since they were produced with high sensitivity
    • Manufacturing with intermediate capacity can be carried out by alternative intermediate dimensions
    • It can be manufactured from different materials wit customized profi le options depending on fl uid desired to be stored
    • Its volume can be increased or decreased if desired.

ALPMD Prismatic Modular Tanks - Technical Dimensions