AHI Mobile Grid Firing Systems

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AHI Mobile Grid Firing Systems - General Features
    • In chain grate stocker system, thanks to special designed grid and front burning stove, the solid fuels such as wood, charcoal, sanding dust, biomass etc. can be burnt without problem in accordance with automatic feeding and ash removal principle.
    • The entry fl ow of the coal to the grid and the operation rate of the movable elements can be easily performed with automatic remote control system depending on water temperature and steam pressure.
    • Propelling chain grate stocker system operates with the principle of breaking the slag layer and propelling the burning coal forward, that is to say towards the lower end of the grid while one row of sequences of grid elements with stable construction and one of them is with movable construction is sliding forward on stable grid. The lignite advancing from the upper part of the grid to the lower part passes through drying, gassing, igniting and burning locations and it reaches to ash locations and so, effi cient burning occurs.
    • Grid elements are manufactured from Cr and Si alloyed temper casting and steel alloyed material resistant to the temperature up to 900°C.
    • Grid drive is provided by hydraulic or the system with variator.
    • Combustion air is given under the grid and so, both the grids are protected and a good burning occurs.
    • The values predicted by automatic slag collection and effective powder collection systems and air quality protection regulation can easily be ensured and clean, effi cient and cheap energy production opportunity is submitted to the producer.

AHI Mobile Grid Firing Systems - Technical Dimensions
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