AHB Fast Boilers

Domestic Hot Water Heater (Boilers)

AHB Fast Boilers - General Features
    • It has cleaning cover manufactured in vertical system within the scope of TS 736, PrEN 12897
    • Electric heater can be installed when desired (BFPN: 110-630)
    • It can be used as natural circulation or with circulation pump.
    • It produces hot water at high capacities in narrow volumes.
    • It is ergonomic.
    • It is convenient for use in different climate conditions.
    • It has the feature of using magnesium anode.
    • It is convenient for operating in parallel with solar energy system and heater boilers.
    • Water heat of the boilers can be continuously viewed in digital screen (optional)
    • There is thermometer on fast boilers. Temperature and pressure in the boiler can be observed from the thermometer.
    • In AHB fast boilers, the application of polyurethane isolation application from AHB 100 capacity to AHB 600 capacity. Foam insulation and leatherette outer sheath application including from AHB 800 capacity to including AHB 3000 capacity and galvanized sheet application over glass wool from including AHB 3500 capacity to including AHB 5000 capacity is conducted.
    • Security valve must be installed on cold water feeding circuit as much as 10% of operating circuit.

AHB Fast Boilers - Technical Dimensions