Our Success


In 1986, ALFA MACHINERY HEATING BOILER INDUSTRY CO. was established by Mechanical Engineer Kadir KARABAŞ and started its activities in Ostim Industrial District, and it has established many signifi cant investments and managed to gain appreciation of its customers in a short time with its heating boilers, steam boilers, hot water boilers, hot oil boilers, heat recovery units, incinerators and fi xtures.

In 1995, it exported to Bulgaria for the first time.

In 1996, it started to manufacture screwed, propelling incinerator systems burning solid fuel with high effi – ciency.

In 1997, our company, aiming continuous development and growth, established its modern factory with its own capital in Hasanoğlan Organized Industrial District on a 9000 m2-area with 6000m2 closed manufacturing field and equipped with machinery and equipment. Thus, manufacturing quality and capacity has improved signifi cantly.

In 1999, it has received TS EN ISO 9001-2000 quality administration system certifi cate.

In 2001, it has started to manufacture fi rst fl are reversible counter pressure heating boilers with its own design and manufacturing technology

In 2002, it has started to manufacture the fi rst fl uid cap heating boiler with fl uid hinge technology that was developed by R&D studies.

In 2004, it completed the conformity evaluation procedures according to EN European Standard and Pressurized Container Directive and started to mark CE sign in all boilers and pressurized containers.

In 2007, it increased its manufacturing capacity by eparating industrial and domestic heating boiler manufacturing with its new manufacturing facility investment made in Hasanoğlan Organized Industrial District.

In 2008, it has started to manufacture pressure pipes and living cabins resistant to explosion in its new manufacturing facility made in Hasanoğlan Organized Industrial District.

In 2009, it has started razor wire barrier manufacturing for security applications.

In 2010, it completed manufacturing and quality criteria indicated by TS EN 1856-1 Standard in noncorrosive chimney manufacturing, and started CE marking in noncorrosive chimneys that it produces.

In 2011, it increased its domestic and industrial product range with new generation high effi ciency hot water, steam and hot water boilers, and it has strengthened manufacturing technology with machinery investments for providing the heating
and storage products that are the requirement of the sector in product range to the end user with an extensive investment under ALFA brand name.

In 2012, in the energy sector, it established ALFASOLAR Company to be active in the manufacture and contract of photovoltaic solar panels which turn solar energy to electric energy, and started manufacturing in our facility with 60 MW capacity and with the state of the art technology in a 10.000 m2 area in Kırıkkale Organized Industrial District.

In 2013, it has manufactured products to be accepted as examples and carried its manufacturing ability to ahead of today’s technology with hot curled furnace processing machine made in manufacturing band and machinery park, and with camber press having 30 mm processing capacity and plastering bench, and with modular storage cast having superior surface technology.

It has added condensing wall type and ground type heating boilers to its product group and improved its constantly
growing product variety, and added a new product group to meet energy and process needs of the residents and industrial facilities.

It has improved ability of its curled burning chamber used in industrial and domestic high pressure steam and heating boilers by new generation processing machinery having hot curled furnace technology and enriched its high technology machinery park.

In 2014, it has improved its welded connection technology by machinery investments, and it has formed manufacturing line automations by joining welding methods that are used in manufacturing processes with robotic systems.

Although our company is still young, it aims to be one of the leading organizations in Turkish Industrial sector with its
constantly improving performance, own capital and investments and moves that it made by forming its own fi nance structure.

Our administration system is built on leadership, customer focused perspective, employee participation, process approach, system approach in administration, team work, constant improvement and development concepts.

All products that are manufactured have TSE certifi cate and our company has TS-EN ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Administration System. Our products have CE, Turkish Lloyd and other special certifi cates; and it manufactures according to the manufacturing quality required by these certifi cates. Special designs and manufacturing can be made according to the system requirements.

Our target as ALFA MACHINERY HEATING BOILER IND. CO., is to be one of the leading organizations by constantly protecting its place in the heating boiler, pressure containers and steel construction sector with a modern and quality manufacturing understanding in Turkey’s developing techno-economic understanding.



In a growing determination to win work, protects constant pressure vessels and steel construction industry in place, modern Turkey’s booming techno and production quality – in the economic sense is to become one of the leading companies.